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Sunset Strip was the most recent movie I saw with Rory cochrane in it. It was a really good movie. The cast was good and shit and the stuff thatb was happening in that movie was good it was all gooooood .. im a terrible critic.. so i'll stop.

The movie is about all whole bunch of who all ..screw it go watch the movie... go to block buster or something.,. ill just like say stuff about the characters

Simon:secretly in love with anna he is a colour blind photographer.slept with a cocktail waitress and got 'the clap" or something.. is a super duper hero for saving felix's life..

Anna:The "Gina" of Sunset Strip. She only has sex with guys who play guitar.is a fashion designer or something in that line of work . List of guys she had sex with or probally would later have sex with that day 1.Glen 2.Duncan 3.Bobby 4.probally would later go sleep with Simon

Zach: A kidd with big dreams and stuff. I dunno Hes got a crummy car.. plays different music than the usual stuff..gets booed off stage.. i guess hippies hate change.

Felix:a songwriterwho im pretty sure is pissed for not getting enuf credit..over doses on pills,doesnt know how to drink a martini but strangly always seems drunk,stoned or really really weird.. The perfect role for Rory Cochrane im sure hes use to this sorta role..