The end is near

HeLLo AnD WeLcOmE 2 OuR SiTe DeDiCatEd 2 ThE CoChRanaTor





READ THIS.OK GOOD. YOURE READING XD . this site will no longer be updated. im gunna delete some pages too.. mostly the ones i never finished. the reason why jessi nor I will update this anymore is cuz jessis dead...not. shes very much alive. its cuz i hate tripod and site builders. they turn your brain to both me and jessi have gone on to use html. Its not that i dont like Rory anymore. cuz i do. anyways... you can go to our new sites here. jessi has a better rory cochrane site. go there. but if you must go here then do so.oh yeah. in the guestbook. please dont give your email. cuz your gunna get a really creepy email from my old old email. if you wanna take over this site... ... ... ... ........ then email me at or .. I might in the near future make a rory cochrane site or buy but maybe... im pretty busy right now.. you know.. with failing school and ....K later

WeLcOME 2 ThiS PooR ExCuSE 4 A SiTe! (please stay)

A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

hehehehe monkee :P

hahahaha.. its 8/5/02...k .. so i think its august the 5 .. yeah .. im bored... yesterday i spent the whole day going to csi miami sites.. i was to lazy to post anything about csi miami i caught a couple eps of CSI.. it was oke.. but it aint LAW AND ORDER thats for sure. they arent showing csi miami in canada yet.. but they will yes.. they will.. so if you go to our site often you would have noticed the guestbook post by this "Laura' character who called us annoying . WELL! i am shocked!!!! no acually im not i get that alot.. i just read that post and i was laughing for awhile.. *mutters*stuck up people*mutters* well im babbling sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go read somehting else...

ok soooooo im back!! mauhhahahahahaha its still Lauren sooooooooo i have 2 other sites..... 1 is on 2gether ( DONT MOCK ME! ) and the other is on the gorgeous Seann William Scott :)
Okokok Cochrane is gonnabe in a movie wit Bruce Willis called Harts War ( JUST MAYBE IF WE ALL PRAY AT NIGHT AND DO ALL OF UR CHORES AND TIP OUR WAITRESSES THAN JUST MAYBE HE WILL BECOME FAMOUS) that was mean .... im mean im SOOOOOOO SORRRY !! wahhhh.. ew dah lol im sooooo stupid. ok since Rory Cochrane Might see this site i will be extremely umm watstheword? ummm.... yeah HI!!! I LOVE U! OMG U R SOOO HOT! so anywayz ummmmmmmmmmm...... ........... ?0o.



aww.. the pillow looks like a security thingy???.......awww.!

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.tlxinv.guestbook


is soooooooo creepy yd he do that?!?!?!?!?!
if this pic creeps u out NEVER i sed NEVER
go c LovE aNd A .45:D

Jessi, i hate u. :P get that piece of shit of our site its scaring people....... like me.....

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter

this picture is soooooo damn cute! :P I


heRe laUreN so u wont kill me 4 that pic i added this pic,awwwwwwwwwwww look its luca.....MY NAME IS LUCA I LIVE ON THE SECOND FLOOOR:D,i so sor-e,oh!did u guys here about the box joke?????no!:o,WELL U NEVER WILL!!!sor-e im just joking,ill rite it somewhere thats not here cuz it 2 much 2 rite,lalallalalala,k i go tell u bout it now


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