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ReaSoNs WhY YouRe TOO ObEsSed WiTh EmPirE ReCordS


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1. you bought your boyfriend a black motorcycle and a bucket for his birthday
2.You send Rory Cochrane Ac/Dc c.ds and The Doors c.ds for his birthday
3.You offer to babysit for Ethan Embry A LITTLE 2 OFTEN
4.You watch the credits of E.P just to see Eddie and Mark talk about punk music
5.You kick the shit outta your friends AND TAKE AWAY THEIR SHARE OF SOUR PATCH KIDS (OH NOO WAHH!) when they laugh at Lucas 4 being beaten by Joe
5.You wrote 10 continuations to Empire Records .
6.You know Warrens real name
7.You can recite everyword to Empire Records even the cut parts
8.You know where Rory Cochrane lives
9.You stalk every member of E.P even Toby Maguire
10.You keep trying to get Renee and Rory back together
11. You made Jim Carrey and Renee break up (DAMN YOU THEY WERE SO GOOD 2GETHER!!!)
12.When you to hotels your friends can easily find you under Rex Manning
13.You make your boyfriend dye his hair black,wear a leather jacket and a black turtle neck and then you make him dance to Ac/Dc at gunpoint
14.You take calclulus
15.When u c the part wen joe beats lucas u feel like smashing a chair over something...or someone

hey it's Michey, i almost died laughing when i read this! it's grrrrrrreat like frosted flakes! i sorry that wuz creeeepppppppppy!