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LiES AnD ScAnDalS!


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god, u must really be bored!!! well bored enough 2 read the gossip of a guy thats about as famous as a chipmunk! well go 2 another page cuz we got none cept that ...NONE!!! Mr.Cochrane, if u ever see this dont take it personally its our way of showing the love......and as u know we are crazed fans that if we ever saw u we would probally kidnapped u and use u as our sex toy :P...god im a flaming idiot.




DID u Notice lucas n gina were a little close in EMPIRE RECORDS?well apparently they DATED and reportedly LIVED 2gether :O(THAT SKANK!)j/k

Lauren : who rory or Renee...if its renee u shall die... :P



what lies...how can some one have lies when no one knows who he is?..i think there was this stoopid rumor that he was married i dont think it was true..??


no scandals cuz he aint famous ..go 2 another page